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Game programming. Game creation with C++/DirectX

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Game programming

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Hi! You are on site about game programming. But unfortunatly now it's empty. Material on site will be based on my game programming tutorials/lessons (about eighty). Now these tutorials exist only on russian (I'm native russian speaker).

As you can see, I have some troubles with english. Frankly it's awful. I didn't take english textbook since school. So I need time to improve my english. I hope in few months it will be better. I beg your pardon for mistakes.

So, what we will learn?

Date of last editing: 23 of july, 2010

For whom intended game programming tutorials

Most benefits my game creation lessons will bring to people who never programmed and who don't know C++ programming language.

Game programming step by step

To create modern game you need to learn a lot amount of information from different field of knowledge. Tutorials witch are presented in different sections of this site are bounded between each other very tight. To understand material from one section, you need to know things from the others.

In section Programming games step by step you can find all tutorials (about eighty). You can look at them on russian: game programming step by step. Tutorials in this section are sorted in order how they was written.

I will try often translate tutorials about game programming from russian version to english.

Programs intended to create games and game creation without programming

On the internet you can find large amount of programs which help in game creating. In the book stores shelves are full of books witch learn how to create games without game programming. In both cases we can say about so called game creation constructors (game maker and so on. It is possible to create game without programming and using only constructors? Yes, it's possible. But the quality of the game will be large question.

You can (no, you must) use constructors when you don't have enough time to learn programming. If you are going to create something serious and complex, don't spend time, start learn programming right now.

Using game engines for game programming

In my game programming tutorials you will find information about creation your own game engine. It will be simplified, but it will work. It's enought to understand how modern game engines are working.

Present times you can choose game engines from hundreds of them. Ten years ago nobody can dream about so variety of game engines. If you are going to create commercial successful game, information of this site will be unuseful to you. You must choose ready game engine.

How create game with programming. C++ DirectX

Now we are coming to most important thing - creation game with programming. Knowing C++ (or another) programming language you can create any game you want. You have only one limit: time/money which you are ready to invest in you game.

In my opinion, when you are learning how to program games, you need learn material from easy topics to hard. In my tutorials of programming games I give information from basics. First time we will learn C++, after that - DirectX. You don't need any knowledge of programming to understand my lessons. Some tutorials do not concern main topic - game programming - but these tutorials help to understand how computers work.

Programming browser and flash games

In recent years we became the witnesses of the total victory of web technologies. It was so because of their simplicity. Recently even 3d projects appeared in flash.

In my tutorials I didn't explain browser and flash cames programming. But I will as soon, as will finish tutorials about DirectX.

To question about creation of MMORPG and killers of Half Life, GTA 4, World of Warcraft

Often beginners want to make a game witch quality is equal to games on witch worked large companies: Fallout 3, GTA 4, World of Warcraft, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and so on. But just to get enough knowledge you will need not less than two years. After that you can start make GTA 4 killer. But without enought finances you will not make it.

Game programming tutorials

As I've wrote before, most benefits from game programming tutorials of this site will get people, who never have deal with programming. Tutorials was written for novices. If you are mega programmer who knows tens of programming languages, this site will not give you anything.

In my opinion in tutorials I reached simplicity of material and it's deep. Every topic explained in detail.

If you have questions or wishes, you can send e-mail to me: rshatalov@gmail.com
With all respect, Roman Shatalov